A Loom Restoration
by my husband Michael

The following pictures will show a 90% restoration of a 35 year old 56 inch, 8 harness Macomber loom with sectional and plain beam. The loom was purchased by Michael on April 8, 2008. The loom was in storage for a extended period of time and showed signs of being wet with metals surfaces having rust and the finish on the wood  flaking off. The metal surfaces will be cleaned and blued. The wood members will be stripped/sanded and refinished. The heddle frames will be cleaned but not refinished.


Parts of the loom, disassembled and laid out.


Lower lams, showing rust.                                  heddle rods showing heavy rust.


Heddle rods, top showing rust, middle cleaned,
bottom blued.  Bluing is an acid treatment used as a
protective coating on metal. It is not paint, it will not
rub off.