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I do not have a store, I sell online

I do have a warehouse/weaving studio that is open to the public. Please call ahead.


I keep my overhead low and I pass the saving on to you


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Should you receive an order with an error, please note that we will make it right. Please don't despair, just call us and we will fix the problem.


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Some facts about the state of Georgia, USA. Silk was produced erratically in Virginia and Georgia until about 1760. In 1735 to celebrate her 52nd birthday, Queen Carolina of England wore a dress made of imported Georgia silk. I have three mulberry trees on my property, but I don't raise silk worms. In Georgia we grow enough cotton each year to make 344 million pairs of blue jeans or 1.9 million men's t-shirts.  Some of the cotton I sell was grown in Georgia or Alabama, ginned in GA or AL, spun in GA and plied/dyed in NC or GA.




  "The Great Competition of Weavers"


The main goal of the GCW is to challenge weavers of all levels to push themselves in designing a unique baby-carrier (wrap)

 from a chosen theme biannually




Florida Tropical Weaver's Guild Annual Conference



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